List of recent works

List of recent work

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  • Project Type: Website design and development
  • Additional Services: Digital strategy, SEO consultation
  • Client Name:Mr. Patkey
  • Website:

Wealthgrow Financial Consultant

Mr. Patkey and team provides financial planning for individuals and families. Wealthgrow Financial Consultant was started way back in 2002 as Shree investments. Individual or Personal Financial Planning is the subject that gets ignored by individuals and family bread winner.

They are looking for website design and development. They brought the logo and website data in a few days, and we started our work. Website work includes theme selection, design, and development. The Wealthgrow Financial Consultant website uses full-width design along with unique services that make the site feel strong.

This website design stands out from the competition with its use of website structure as users are welcomed to the site. The large, bold text, clean lines, and pops of blue give this site a modern feel. Easy-to-use navigation helps users check out services with ease while also allowing for exploration of the interior pages of the site to learn more about the team and their vision.

  • Project Type: Online Presence
  • Additional Services: Online Presence, Social Media, Hashtags, posts and SEO
  • Client Name:Mr. Sachin
  • Website:


Sachin Bafana is the best Vastu shastra and numerology consultant in Pune. provides the best service at an affordable price. We can assist you with our experience, and you will notice incredible subtle changes in your day-to-day life that will benefit both your personal and professional lives.

We created a strong presence by creating social media and managing it centrally on our website. Social media links include Instagram, Youtube, Google My Business, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook Telegram, and Whatsapp. It helped the client build a good brand image, spread awareness, and attract new customers.

  • Project Type:Search Engine Optimization
  • Additional Services:SSL, Website, SEO
  • Client Name:Mr. Sanjay
  • Website:

Technoguard Enterprises

Mr. Kadam is one of the leading manufacturers of acrylic gift items and the founder of Technoguard Enterprises. Technoguard Enterprises offers products that include acrylic and polycarbonate products and aluminium extrusion and profile products. They also provide gift items such as idols, trophies, templates, and many more.

We provide manufacturing website design services that include design and development and redesign, as well SEO services. The overall look and feel of a website should reflect the company's actual operations. As a manufacturer's website, we used light backgrounds, solid-color text, and the colours of your logo to engage visitors and create a modern, trustworthy appearance. With the help of SEO services client is getting quality traffic to site with the intent of converting that traffic into a lead.

  • Project Type:Locations Optimization
  • Additional Services:Website, SEO, GMBs Management
  • Client Name:Mr. Eshwaran
  • Website:

Shri Agasthiya Mahashiv Nadi Astrology

Shri Agasthiya Mahashiv Nadi Astrology is one of the leading oldest Nadi astrology center in Pune. They are giving predictions to people with our utmost dedicated service. They are doing this divine service to people around this world and many of our customers told that mejority of our predictions are happening in their life.

Shri Agasthiya Mahashiv Nadi Astrology works at Kothrud and Chichwad locations. We make certain that they connect with their target audience. For the same reason, we optimise both locations and work on keywords regularly.

  • Project Type:Website design and development
  • Additional Services:Website, Basic SEO And Posts
  • Client Name:Mr. Bhalerao
  • Website:

Ask Elevators

Ask Elevators is the market leader, having been founded in 2012 in Pune, Maharashtra, India. They are the well-trusted manufacturer of hospital elevators, passenger elevators, lifts, elevator spare parts, and much more. We have created a professional website for Ask Elevators. The website is responsive, colorful, corporate look, the best header and footer, layout and other design elements, as well as content and images.

With a handful of images and a couple of paragraphs, Ask Elevators outlines how it managed just that, and also covers some of the technical hurdles that had to be overcome to deliver the finished site. The end result was well worth the effort.

Shree Omkaar Numreo-Palmist Gemmologist

Shree Omkaar has been a professional palm reader or Palmist in Pune predicting future since last 35 years. He has got more than 12000 hands palmistry experience.

We have always worked with our client in a very transparent manner, keeping them in the loop from the beginning of the project, beginning with the aesthetics and layout design and ending with the final launch of the website.Recently, we designed an Android mobile app for Shree Omkaar.

We have a track record of custom designing and developing over 15 plus astrology websites all of which are tailor-made to impeccably fulfill the respective needs and requirements of astrologer.

  • Project Type:Website Development
  • Additional Services:Website design and development
  • Client Name:Mr. Swapnil
  • Website:

AG Travels

AG Travels is a leading travel service provider based in pune and offers 360 degree travel solutions to corporate houses as well as individual travellers and facilities point to point travel arrangements.

We have used the best travel website template, which is multifunctional and stylish. More features include social sharing buttons, cross-browser support, mobile-friendliness, a call to action, and responsiveness. Not only this, but the templates also have video support, testimonials, drop-down menus, and easy page navigation.

Sinhagad Pathology Lab

Sinhagad Pathology Lab is one of the leading pathology lab situated on sinhagad raod, Pune. They provide quality preventive healthcare services at affordable price.

Creating an medical related website can be rewarding experience, but it's important to ensure that site looks professional and polished. Using an pathology website template is the perfect way to do this, and we've collected 10 of the best templates for them to choose from! They came to us for help improving their structure and navigation, while addressing a major rebrand with a fresh design.

Our local SEO helped them with COVID-19 testing during the COVID pandemic. Local SEO assists clients in increasing search visibility across multiple locations.Our local SEO package assists clients in growing in service-area businesses that operate in specific geographic areas.

  • Project Type:Mobile Application Development
  • Additional Services:Mobile App
  • Client Name:Mr. Deepak
  • Mobile App: com.engineers.renn

RENN Engineers

Renn Engineers is an app for water purifier engineers from all over india. This app helps all RO Engineers a new way to earn money by providing service to their valued clients.

We leveraged insights from our intensive design thinking sessions to identify improvement areas and recommend mobile best practices that would significantly revamp the current app’s user experience. These insights allowed us to develop an easy-to-use application with an updated UI; simplified navigation, user verification, sign-up; user onboarding; and intuitive user flows.

  • Project Type:Product Branding
  • Additional Services:Website, Local Branding
  • Client Name:Mr. Ajay
  • Website:

Ruchisangam Chakli

Mr. Ajay Kulkarni is the founder of Ruchisangam Foods. He has 25+ years of experience in food Industry. Ruchisangam is not only in chakli but also in food management and catering services.

To entice you, we used the best food product website template, Contemporary food brand website, which uses a great user interface design, beautiful photography, an easy interface, brilliant colors, appealing fonts, quality content, and sometimes a magic ingredient.

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