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About Us

Our Story

We help you to make your business Fresh and Energize!

Working in business, we always try to cover 5-8 meetings every week. We meet new clients every day. Every time we listen we notice the problems which many businesses facing in their online world of business. Being a start-up business needs a website or online presence. By considering this we started Digital India Company. As we were developing websites for the first two years and meeting clients; only online presence was not ok. As there is stiff completion in business, We stated Search Engine works. As our learning betters, we would like to align with technology revolutions and started providing online solutions to our clients according to their needs. And by now are managed to deliver the following services:

Mobile Application Development And Monetization
Basic And Advance Search Engine Optimization
Design And Development of Responsive | Customize | E-commerce | Wordpress Websites
Local SEO
Business Video Creation And Promotion
Socail Media Optimization

Our Values

Our values are part of our DNA. They guide the way we work with our business partners, within our communities and with each other.Through Integrity,High Performance,we have created a vibrant company culture where ideas can blossom, people can thrive and success can flourish.

Every Business Deserves Online Presence
We love being local
Integrity & Trust
Business Growth is tonic for healthy business
Superior Service and Support