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Well begun is half done!

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2021 is Ending. Are Websites Still Relevant?

Jab tak tere pair chalenge uski saans chalegi ... tere pair ruke toh yeh bandook chalegi!

Search is new constant in Life. Generally, people look at websites for two primary reasons: To find information they need. This could be anything from a student looking for pictures of frogs for a school project, to finding the latest stock quotes, to getting the address of the nearest veg restaurant. To complete a task. Visitors may want to buy the latest best-seller, download a software program, or participate in an online discussion about a favorite hobby. So, We search! and 97% Indians by default search on Google and Google shows your websites when someone searched information related to your company/product/service. So Gabbar was right by now! Now Gabber says, "Jab tak tere customer search karenge teri website chalegi ... teri website ruke toh tere competitor ki website chalegi!

Website Creation

There are numerous steps in the web site design and development process. From gathering initial information, to the creation of your web site, and finally to maintenance to keep your web site up to date and current.

Create Website

Domain Name

A "domain name" is actually a website address, such as yourwebsite.com.When you’re planning to get a domain name, research what’s out there and if it’s available, make sure you grab it immediately. If you don’t and you come back to it later, you might find it’s already been registered and in some cases, the domain might still be available, but at a higher price, sometimes a lot higher. Digital India Company makes registering Domain Names fast, simple, and affordable. Domain names are used to establish a unique identity. Organizations can choose a domain name that corresponds to their name, helping Internet users to reach them easily.

Domain Name Registration

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Hosting (also known as Web site hosting, Web hosting) is the business of housing,serving, and maintaining files for one or more Websites. More important than the computer space that is provided for Web site files is the fast connection to the Internet. Digital India Company provides you most reliable and secure and 99% uptime hosting to host your website.

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Website Design & Development

In this stage of website development phase, the developer creates the data that can give to a customer an opportunity to judge how the entire site will look like. On the basis of the information that was gathered together, the sitemap is created.The sitemap should describe the relations between the main areas of your website. During the design phase, your website takes shape. All the visual content, such as images, photos, and videos is created at this step. The customer and target audience must be kept in mind while we work on your design. Website layout is the result of our designer’s work.

It can be a graphic sketch or an actual graphic design. The primary function of the layout is to represent the information structure, visualize the content, and demonstrate the basic functional. Layouts contain colors, logos, images and can give a general understanding of the future product. After that, a review on the layout by client takes place and we need your feedback for further proceedings.

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Responsive Websites

Information we need from you to create your Website:

Following details we need to create your website. These things will help our designer and developer to create your website faster and deliver you on time.

  1. Logo
  2. Purpose and Goal of creating website
  3. Text (Content): About your Business (Vision, Mission, Core Values), Product Details, Service Details)
  4. Proper Domain Name (Name of your website).
  5. High-Quality Images for Website (Self / Office / Products / Services)
  6. Contact Details
  7. Facebook Page/Twitter Page/LinkedIn Page/Blog Page links (Any or All)
  8. Brochures, Leaflets or any print advt. of your company or product
  9. Useful Information Links (eg. your compititor website may be a useful link)
  10. Websites for Refrences
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