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हे विश्वची माझे घर! (This World is my house!)

Global brands are products or services that are recognized pretty much worldwide. Companies that use global branding use the same, or at least a very similar, marketing strategy to promote the brand everywhere the brand is offered, regardless of the country or region. This helps the companies ensure that the brand's values are presented in a consistent manner in all markets.

Companies benefit from global branding through the economies of scale. That is, companies can use the exact same advertising strategy worldwide using the same images, celebrities, and even advertising firms. Companies might need to use local advertising firms to translate the message in countries that speak languages other than the nation from where the brand originates. But otherwise, the brand, including the message and personalities used to promote it, remain the same. Global marketing offers consumers and companies the advantages explained previously, but there are other advantages. When companies market on a global scale, they vastly increase their client base, and ultimately, their bottom line. Clearly, boosting the number of customers a company has generally means an increase in revenue and profits.

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