Expanding Social Media

Engage the right audience for your business

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Expanding Social Media

Let's Expand! But Where and How?

Choosing the right social media platform for your business

Digital Marketing is among the most effective marketing methods that a small business has at its disposal. However, not all social media channels are created the same. Each platform has its particular set of users with their own quirks as to how they interact with content. For B2C companies, Facebook and Instagram help gain visibility, visually engage and interact with customers. For B2B, LinkedIn helps target current and potential clients and builds a personal connection. Also, every business should use YouTube to interact and share. It's Google-friendly and adds authenticity to your brand. When choosing a social platform, it's less about your business and more about where your ideal customer spends their time.

A huge part of successfully using social media in your digital marketing strategy is identifying the personalities of your company and your audience – then choosing the optimal place for them to get together. The ‘flavour’ of your social platform is the foundation on which your content, ads, and even posting schedule should be built. There isn’t a ‘right’ drink that you have to pair with your meal, and there’s no ‘right’ social network for your industry or business type. What matters most is that you understand your business, your audience, and how social media fits into your digital strategy. If you’ve got that locked in, and you’re committed to creating the kind of content your audience wants, the best platform for your company should feel obvious.

Expanding Social Media

Centralized Social Media Management

Multi-location Business Social Media Management is key for Business Expansion. We help you to easily connect your customers with their local stores and save countless hours by managing all of your social media accounts in one place – including your corporate account. Keep track of how each location’s social media accounts are performing. We offer in-depth reporting for both your corporate social media accounts and your locations.

  1. Create, post, and maintain all your locations’ social media accounts through one central interface
  2. Customize posts and content by locations, audience, products, and more
  3. Control branding over all of your locations’ social media accounts
  4. Upload pictures, videos, and content that you can send out to your locations
  5. Easily respond to comments and reviews from all of your locations
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